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Churros and Hot Chocolate, The Ultimate High

Now that the weather has become chillier, it is time to talk about churros and chocolate. This pairing is an essential Spanish staple that you cannot miss. A good hot chocolate and churros combo can get rid of the chill of winter.

Chocolate with churros: A hot delight

A cup of hot chocolate with churros can keep the winter chill away.
A cup of hot chocolate with churros can keep the winter chill away.

Churros are a very typical pastry in Spain that are accompanied with a cup of hot chocolate. The churro consists of wheat flour, salt, and water. This churro recipe is very simple but they sure taste amazing! There are many different ways to eat churros. The most traditional way is to enjoy your churros by dipping them in a mug of hot chocolate. No matter where you go there will be some sort of chocolate sauce for churros. You can find many varieties from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, to even white chocolate. It is a chocolate lovers dream!

Nowadays, you can find variations to the tried-and-true churro. Such as chocolate filled churros or chocolate dipped churros. These variations are easy to find during outdoor festivals or activities since it is easier to eat on the go. But where did these tasty treats come from?

The mysterious origin of churros

Different variations of churros can be found.
Different variations of churros can be found.

There are many different theories to the origin of churros. Some say they were brought to the Iberian Peninsula by other countries like China, Egypt, or Arab countries. This is because they all have similar pastries but in different forms. The fact is that no one really knows the exact origin. But one theory is stronger than all the others. And that is the Spanish theory. This states that churros were invented by shepherds. Many believe this to be true because of evidence found in Zaragoza, Spain of the first churrería or churro shop.

Typically, the churros were consumed by the lower class and country people. The reason behind this can be found in the preparation. Churros are easy to make compared to bread. All you have to do is fry the dough in a pan rather than baking it in a wooden oven like bread. Many shepherds and lower-class society opted to eat churros instead of bread. But don’t worry, anyone can enjoy these mouthwatering treats whenever they want.

When to eat churros and chocolate in Spain

Churros and hot chocolate are manly consumed during the colder months in Spain. The idea is to enjoy something warm when it is cold outside. Back in the day, churros were associated with special festivities as a special treat. Preferably the morning of January 1st. Many families practiced the tradition of starting the new year by eating churros for breakfast. But nowadays it is common to see people enjoying a dozen of churros at any occasion of the year. Plus, you can enjoy them any time of the day. It is most common to sit down for a nice plate of churros and a warm mug of chocolate for breakfast or as a mid-day snack. If you ask any Spanish person what their favorite breakfast is, they most likely will say a plate full of freshly baked churros with creamy hot chocolate from their local café or bakery.

We know we enjoy going with friends to our local churrería during the festive season. As you walk into the churrería you are hit with the delectable aroma of churros and chocolate. Even as you walk by a place that makes churros the smell wafts out into the street filling the air with the scent of just-out-of-the-oven pastries. It is truly heaven. But nothing can beat the amazing sensation of dipping a crispy churro into creamy chocolate sauce. The best part is the first bite of the crunchy golden-brown pastry. After that it’s almost impossible to stop! It takes the winter blues away and fills your stomach up with delicious pastries.

Where to taste the best churros and chocolate in Spain

Many breakfast cafes or pastry shops prepare churros. Locals are loyal to their churrería and only buy churros from them. Every neighborhood has a local place to pick up freshly made churros to eat at home. Another option would be to buy our Deliart frozen churros. This is the perfect opportunity to get a little taste of Spain if you live somewhere else. These churros are the exact same ones as you would eat in any churrería. We would argue that they are even tastier because you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home.

If you are in Spain, we highly recommend checking out Chocolatería San Ginés in Madrid. This way you can get the full experience of eating churros with chocolate in an authentic location. This restaurant has been serving churros for over 120 years. They have perfected the recipe and you can taste genuine churros with a chocolate sauce that is finger liking good. It is opened 24 hours so there is no excuse to not visit and give them a try! The atmosphere is also very inviting as it is common to see people inside all hours of the day and night.  

Chocolatería San Ginés. Since 1894.
Chocolatería San Ginés. Since 1894.

Now we are craving some churros and hot chocolate! I guess that just means we better pay our local churrería a visit. Hopefully, this gives you the inspiration to try some amazing Spanish churros.

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