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We want to give you a warm welcome to Deliart! We appreciate your interest into artisanal Spanish food. Here, you will read amazing stories about our daily lives and experiences with the Spanish culture , artisanal foods from Spain and delicious Mediterranean food.

Our name, Deliart, comes from combining the words delicious and artisanal. We did this because we consider our suppliers as artists. They may not design paintings or drawings in the traditional sense of the word, but they create food products that satisfy every taste bud. Our suppliers are artists of cuisine. They have the skill, knowledge, and craftsmanship to prepare delicious food. They pay attention to details in the hopes that every bite is savored by the consumer. Thanks to our suppliers we can share artisanal foods from Spain.

What do we offer?

Our Deliart brand began with the need to introduce traditional Spanish products and gastronomy to the world. We believe it is important to pass on our grandparents’ traditions so that everyone can enjoy the experience of great food. We want our brand to offer insight to traditional Spanish delicacies while also exploring avant-garde cuisine to encourage new explorations in cooking.


What will you find on our blog?

In this community, we strive to tell our experiences and the origin of our products. Every post you find on here has a very special meaning to us. Everything we do here is deeply rooted in our history and culture. We want to transport our readers to the bountiful lands of Spain where our products originate. And to accomplish that we tell the rich history of every product along with our personal connections.

This is intended to show that our artisanal products have fascinating stories that deserve to be shared and heard, especially since we work alongside family owned businesses. We believe that our products and culture are worth sharing and celebrating with people like you, and this is why we have created our blog.

Who are we?

Deliart is a team of diverse food and travel enthusiasts who want to share the different flavors of Spain. We do this through inspiring stories of how these products have become such an important part of our diet and culture.

What is the mission of our brand?

At Deliart, we want to share all these diverse flavors of Spanish culture with the world. We encourage everyone who tries them to live the experience of our celebrated Mediterranean Diet. Also, we wish to inspire more moments shared among family and friends around delicious cuisine.

We are confident that this will help you appreciate Mediterranean food, and above all, enjoy this healthy food even more with your friends and family!

We are happy to answer any questions because we want you to enjoy these mouth-watering treats as much as we do. Hopefully, you’ll taste the passion and love that goes into everything we do, and of course, we hope you enjoy the taste of Spain!

Come join us and take a dive in Deliart!

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