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The Guide to Lactose-Free Cheese Delights

In this article, you will discover that individuals with lactose intolerance can confidently browse the Lactose-Free cheese aisle. Our meticulously curated selection is designed to delight those in search of indulgence without concern.

Lactose-Free Cheese: What You Need to Know

Hard Cheese Equals Easy Digestion

Age transforms cheese, reducing lactose to nearly non-existent levels. Aged cheeses like Parmesan, Cheddar, and Swiss are wonderfully lactose-free.

Dryer and more mature, hard cheeses offer a delightful escape from lactose sensitivity. Gouda, Manchego, and Pecorino are prime examples.


Aged over 30 days, it’s a Lactose-Intolerant’s Spanish Delight.

The Authentic Manchego cheese from the Gomez Moreno family is a superior choice for those avoiding lactose.

Manchego cheese can be found in a variety of dishes.
The production methods and long maturation mean that Manchego is essentially a lactose free cheese.


This cheese from the Basque Country stands out with its robust flavor. Our Deliart Idiazabal is made with raw sheep’s milk and aged over 90 days for the perfect balance of depth and savor.

Deliart Idiazabal on a board with knife.
Idiazabal is a cheese with little or no lactose, very easy to digest and perfect for tasting in small portions.

Goat Cheese: A Lactose-Free Delight

Goat cheese offers a lighter, digestive-friendly alternative, perfect for those sensitive to lactose. From spreadable to firm, goat cheese is versatile and easy to digest.

Murcia al Vino

Made from goat’s milk and bathed in wine, presents a light yet flavorful profile, suitable for any lactose-intolerant cheese board. Deliart Murcia al Vino is a wonderful option.

Deliart Murcia al Vino with breads.
This type of cheese is lighter and, therefore, more digestive.

Goat Cheese Roll

The Deliart goat cheese roll is an exceptional choice, offering the creamy goodness of goat cheese in a convenient and delectable form.

Deliart Goat Cheese Roll
Goat cheese roll ideal for salads can be well tolerated.

Savoring Soft Cheeses Without the Lactose


Mozzarella, especially when made from buffalo milk, is easier on the digestive system and a must-check for the correct milk source on the label.

Pairing Lactose-Free Cheeses for Maximum Enjoyment

Pair these exquisite cheeses with the perfect wine or include them in your favorite recipes for a gourmet experience without discomfort.

Quince paste, with its sweet tartness, can perfectly cut through the creaminess of aged cheeses for a classic pairing. Fig cake, dense with natural sweetness, complements the nutty undertones of semi-hard cheeses such as Idiazabal.

Perfect Idiazabal cheese board with fig cake, fruit and nuts.
Fig Cake and Marcona Almonds complements semi-hard cheeses such as Idiazabal.

For a succulent treat, date cake alongside creamy goat cheese provide a burst of natural sugars that enhance the cheese’s flavor, and the rich, buttery flavor of Marcona almonds offers a crunchy contrast to both soft and firm cheese varieties.

These harmonious accompaniments create a symphony of tastes that are not only delightful but also kind to the digestive system.

Expert Tips: Key Factors for Easy Digestion

When selecting cheeses suitable for lactose intolerance, consider these crucial factors to ensure both enjoyment and digestive comfort:

  • Fat Content: Cheeses with higher fat percentages typically contain less lactose.
  • Age Matters: The more aged a cheese is, the less lactose it retains, with some mature cheeses being virtually lactose-free.
  • Sugar Levels: Look for cheeses with lower sugar content in their nutritional information, as this often equates to lower lactose levels.
  • Goat Cheese: Cheeses made from goat’s milk are generally more digestible due to their composition.
  • Fermented Fresh Cheeses: Fresh cheeses that include lactic acid bacteria can be easier on digestion.
  • Cheese in Moderation: Enjoying cheese in smaller amounts and combined with other foods can help improve digestion and reduce lactose-related discomfort.

Armed with this knowledge, those with lactose intolerance can navigate the world of cheese with confidence, selecting varieties that bring pleasure, not pain.


Now you know, if you suffer from lactose intolerance you can still enjoy one of the most consumed foods in the world: cheese. Of course, you should pay special attention to the nutritional information, detecting the amount of sugars it contains and making sure if it has a Protected Designation of Origin.

Our selection of lactose-free cheeses, including the distinguished offerings from Deliart, opens a world of gourmet flavors. Enjoy our Deliart Idiazabal, Gomez Moreno family’s Manchego, Deliart Murcia al Vino, and our Deliart Goat cheese roll as you embark on a culinary journey without the worry of lactose intolerance.

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