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Murcia al Vino Cheese – An Amazing Goat Cheese Bathed in Wine

Murcia al vino cheese

If you are a cheese connoisseur or a causal cheese eater, then you will enjoy adding Murcia al Vino to your next cheese platter. This cheese is very unique because it has a dark red rind; giving it a distinct characteristic trait from other cheeses. We love the subtle flavor of this cheese and we are so excited to share with you the history and the production process of Murcia al Vino.

How did the creation of Murcia al Vino cheese start?

As the name suggests, Murcia al Vino originates from Murcia, a southeast region in Spain. Traditionally, Murcian shepherds cared for a herd of Murciano-Granadina goats and would use the milk to make goat cheese. This is the perfect goat because it produces a lot of milk and is native to this region. They are free-range so they can graze the fields and eat all the vegetation. This makes their milk have a distinct flavor that it perfect for making cheese.

black goat with ear tags

This has been a popular practice for many years, so the region of Murcia is no stranger to perfecting goat cheese. The fresh cheese would be consumed immediately for the best taste accompanied by a lovely glass of red wine at the local bar. This is all true up until someone decided to put the cheese in a wine bath during the maturation period. Thus, the wonderful creation of Murcia al Vino came into existence! The Ministry of Agriculture of Murcia decided to rescue this tradition about 30 years ago and thankfully it has become more popular with companies such as our cheese supplier who pride themselves on their products.

Where is the Deliart Murcia al vino cheese made?

Our cheese maker is a company located in Murcia that makes artisanal cheeses. They specialize in producing the Murcia al Vino cheese and because of this, have won many national and international awards. They have mastered the craft of making goat cheese and it shows in the high-quality taste. The company has returned to following traditional Murcian customs. This means that they have their own herd of Murciano-Granadina goats that they care for to ensure that they have top-quality raw materials. Then they bathe the cheese in Murcian red wine. The entire process, from the raising of the goats to the making of the cheese, is done at the company’s site to guarantee a consistent product that consumers love.

What makes the Deliart Murcia al vino cheese so unique

We have a very close relationship with the owner of the Deliart Murcia al Vino Cheese Company. Because of this we were able to chat with him to fully understand the company history. This artisanal cheese company continues to be a family business with four brothers who work within this craft. From the beginning the company was committed to quality and differentiated products. They have helped to promote the creation of the Regulatory Council of the Murcian Cheese Designation of Origin. Currently, it is still a proud member of this council which guarantees the quality and freshness of their cheese.

The two cheeses with D.O.P. in the company are the Murcia al Vino and Cured Murcia cheese, which are the preferred types and the most popular; especially with the owner who has a special affection for them. He usually shares these two cheeses with friends and family. He recommends that Murcia al Vino cheese should be paired with acidic fruits such as apple or grape as well as with hazelnuts and almonds. But he also suggests that the cheese can be eaten alone because it is truly a delight for the palate.

murcia al vino cheese

How Deliart Murcia al Vino cheese is made

The production of Murcia al Vino cheese follows the same initial process as regular goat cheese until maturation. The newly formed cheese wheels are matured for a minimum of 45 days during which they are soaked in double paste red wine from Murcia. This process allows the rind to form with the wine flavors instead of mold cultures. It also gives the cheese its iconic deep red rind with a slightly fruity flavor and wine aroma.

Deliart Murcia al Vino cheese pairing

murcia al vino cheese on a wooden plate

Deliart Murcia al Vino has a very mild flavor for a goat cheese. It is classified as a semi-soft cheese which is considered on the lighter side. So, if your palette can’t handle strong, stinky cheeses not to worry! It has a pleasant creamy and elastic texture with a hint of salt and wine.

Now, the most important question arises, what to pair with this mouth-watering cheese? Well, we recommend serving it with Marcona almonds, grapes, olives and slightly acidic fruits such as apples or grapes. Really you can’t go wrong pairing this cheese with any typical Spanish tapa. It is a versatile cheese so you can pair it with your preferences. We also recommend enjoying it with fruity Spanish red wines to really bring out the wine flavor in the cheese.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing cheese so you can taste for yourself the deliciousness!

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