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The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Delgado´s Liquid Gold

Extra virgin olive oil is an essential ingredient in every Spanish kitchen. It’s easy to understand why it’s so popular because it contains many amazing health benefits. Here in Spain, we cook with extra virgin olive oil or even drizzle it on top of food. We prefer to use olive oil from Aceites Delgado. This company assures high quality that is unmatched by any other company.

The History of Aceites Delgado

The 4th generation Delgado family in their arbequino olive grove. From left to right: Diego, Alicia, Esteban y Jesús (the last 3 are siblings).
The 4th generation Delgado family in their arbequino olive grove. From left to right: Diego, Alicia, Esteban y Jesús (the last 3 are siblings).

Aceites Delgado is a family owned company with more than 100 years of experience and tradition. Nowadays, the family follows the footsteps of their great grandfather, José Delgado, in the production of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) who started in 1932.

A family business that dates back to 1932

As Esteban Delgado explains “The history of our family business began when my grandfather, José Delgado, opened his oil mill in the 1930s. Olives were treated with a stone mill. The technology of that time only allowed 12,000 kilos of olives to be processed in one day. Today, at the best times of the year and with current machinery, we can treat up to 300,000 kilos. “

“My brothers and I, since we were children, have always grown up between olives and oil. We have always helped our parents in everything we could. And at the age of 17 we began to work with him. Until the generational change took place. My father got older and gave way to us ”, Esteban recalls.

The family owns an olive grove of 70 hectares where they cultivate arbequinos, a type of olive tree. This secures the special care of the olives used for their five varieties of olive oil. The family observes the entire process of the Spanish olives from the start with the cultivation to the finish by making the olive oil. This guarantees that only the best olives are selected and used.  

Extra virgin olive oil can be made with monovarietal olives such as arbequina, picual, verdeja or a blend of more than one (“Coupage”)

Over time the company has made progressive changes to adapt with technological developments to improve the quality and taste of their olive oil. The company’s goal is to unite tradition with modernity in the production; as well as promote the values of culture and family identity. This is what makes this company so special!

The Special Properties of Fidelco Gold Olive Oil

bottle of extra virgin olive oil
Our brand is Fidelco Gold.

This extra virgin olive oil has a distinct aroma that is best described as fruity green. Once tasted, the consumer can enjoy notes of bananas, almonds, and green apple. It has a very pleasant taste with a sweet entry where the bitterness is barely present; and the spiciness appears at the end creating a minty sensation in the mouth. For these unique properties and innovation, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fidelco Gold has received many awards in 2020 and 2021. Not only does this EVOO win awards for its delectable taste; but also for the multitude of health benefits that it presents.

Seven international awards in 2022

Fidelco Gold Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been awarded the following prizes:

 – Gold Medal at the Athena IOOC 2022. Held in Greece in April this year. This contest celebrated its seventh edition in the cradle of the olive and where the oil is called oil.

Silver Medal at Olive Japan 2022. In which 816 Extra Virgin Oils and infused olive oil from 27 countries participated, being the most influential olive oil competition in the Asia and Oceania region, becoming one of the main olive oil competitions in the world.

Silver Medal in Oil China Competition 2022. These awards are considered the most prestigious in the Asian market, whose objectives are to showcase the best olive oils in the world, both to consumers and importers, wholesalers and agents, and to promote the consumption of olive oil in the world, among others.

Fidelco Gold Coupage Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been awarded the following prizes:

  • Gold Medal in the Athena IOOC 2022.
  • Silver Medal in Oil China Competition 2022.
  • Silver Medal in Berlin GOOA 2022.

These extra virgin olive oils are a delight for the senses

Both oils are early harvested, produced during the last week of October, when the olives are still very early green and in which the following attributes can be appreciated:

The Extra Virgin Fidelco Gold Arbequina in nose, presents a medium fruity between green and ripe olive, in addition a great number of aromatic nuances are perceived, highlighting among them apple, banana and almond. Hints of tomato, artichoke and green bell pepper are also perceived.

On the palate, it has a sweet entry with a medium spiciness and bitterness, making a very balanced and aromatic oil as a whole.

The Extra Virgin Fidelco Gold Coupage, on the other hand, bursts on the nose with an intense fruity aroma of green olives with ripe touches. Its fruity aroma is reminiscent of green apple, banana, red fruits and plum. All accompanied by subtle notes of vanilla and flowers of the countryside.

This oil has a sweet entry in the mouth with a medium and balanced spiciness and bitterness that remain over time. Its retro-nasal phase reminds us of green almonds. A very complex and harmonious overall juice.

Seven international awards in 2021

Excellence accredits it, seven international awards that two of its premium olive oils have obtained during this year 2021. On the one hand; the Fidelco Gold Arbequina olive oil has recently been decorated with the gold medal of the aforementioned Greek contest. But, in addition, he has won three silver medals in three competitions held in Japan, London and China. On the other hand, its Fidelco Gold Coupage olive oil has also been gold in Greece and silver in China. In addition to being included in the Top 100 of the world’s oils; a ranking prepared by the prestigious Evooleum Guide.

Extra virgin olive oil health benefits – better than butter?

The answer is yes! EVOO has so many amazing healthy benefits for our bodies. For starters, it is considered part of a heart healthy diet. Secondly, it has a lot of omega 3 (essential polyunsaturated fatty acids), polyphenols, and vitamin E. This means that it offers benefits on reducing triglycerides and total cholesterol levels. While also increasing HDL, the good cholesterol, levels for the body. For the above health reasons; it is part of the Mediterranean diet and because the olives are locally produced along the Mediterranean.

Olive oil is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and has amazing health benefits.
Olive oil is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and has amazing health benefits.

How to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your everyday diet

To begin, you can use extra virgin olive oil instead of butter when frying vegetables or meats. EVOO is very versatile because you can use it to fry foods or drizzle on top of salads. In the Spanish kitchens we love to use a lot of EVOO for many traditional recipes like gazpacho, paella, and Spanish tortilla. This is because it adds an amazing taste. Please join us in creating healthier recipes by using EVOO and supporting Aceites Delgado.

For more information, you can watch family members discuss in the process of making extra virgin olive oil as well as the different aromas that you can identify with their product. Here you can see the passion that they have for making top quality products for their loyal consumers.

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