White Anchovies in Vinegar, a Little Fish with a Big Taste

White anchovies are boquerones

A classic in the Mediterranean cuisine, and especially the Spanish cuisine, are anchovies in vinegar. These are so many ways to prepare these tender fillets, and they are extremely popular because of their health benefits!

What are white anchovies?

White anchovies and regular anchovies are both delicious little fish, but they’re not the same thing.  This is a common mistake. We can see the biggest difference to these fresh fish in the packaging. Plain canned anchovies have a very intense and salty flavor. And Spanish white anchovies are preserved in an oil and vinegar solution. This allows the white Spanish anchovies to have a mild and more palatable flavor.  

As mentioned before, anchovies marinated in vinegar are an excellent healthy addition to any diet. These tiny fish are packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B3 and B6, as well as contain a high quality of calcium. They even help reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure. So, the next time you are feeling snack-ish you should try some boquerones en vinagre

White anchovies are a healthy snack packed of omega 3 fatty acids

Anchovies marinated in vinegar are boquerones en vinagre

Anchovies marinated in vinegar are a Northern Spain delight. But you can also find them all throughout Spain as one of the most famous tapas allover Spain

Submerging boquerones in vinegar requires thorough cleaning. This allows the meat to become more tender and properly preserves them. This preparation is quite traditional and common to find. Although there are various ways to prepare white anchovies. You can fry them for a few minutes to add a thin layer of crispy skin, batter them and bake them in the oven, cook them with onion, parsley, garlic, green pepper, and white wine, or cook them Moorish style with garlic, cumin, parsley, flour, salt, and Spanish smoked paprika. The options are endless! 

Try anchovies in vinegar alone or even mixed with other dishes

We encourage you to try Spanish anchovies in vinegar with freshly toasted bread and grated tomato. This is the most traditional tapa found anywhere in Spain. But, our favorite way to enjoy these healthy fish are over potato chips and olives. The saltiness of the olives and the potato chips compliment the vinegar and the oil of the white anchovies perfectly. 

You can also add White anchovies to many recipes such as egg salads, normal salads, and as toppings on pizzas. You can even have a traditional tapa called matrimonio or marriage because it combines a white anchovy with a normal anchovy. We hope you try at least one of these delicious options! 

This traditional tapa combines a white anchovy with a normal anchovy.
It is called “matrimonio” or marriage.

Where to buy white anchovies in vinegar

You can find white anchovies in vinegar in any bar in Spain as it is a typical tapa. But if you want to expand your international cookbook, you can try your hand at preparing them yourself! 

The recipe is not too challenging, but it is important to freeze the anchovies first in order to avoid anisakis problems that may arise if the anchovies are not prepared properly. Here at Deliart we have our own line of anchovies in vinegar so you can have a little bite of Spain whenever and wherever you want! If you want more information, please, ask us!

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