Barcelona What to See and Do

Park Güell in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the top destination places in Spain. So it is easy to see why it is the most cosmopolitan city. The amazing Barcelona weather also contributes to its charm as it is typically always sunny with pleasant temperatures. Not too hot or too cold. Making it perfect for visitors anytime of the year!

Discover what to do in the most cosmopolitan city

Barcelona city has a range of leisure options that entice the tourist to immerse themselves in many wonderful cultural activities. There are many things to do in this city due to its location.

Relax on one of Barcelona’s beaches

The city overlooks the Mediterranean Sea allowing people to flock to the many beaches that dot along Barcelona. The best Barcelona beaches are not too far from the city which is perfect for an escape from the city noise. Here’s a list of the some of the best beaches around the city:

  • Barceloneta Beach: the city’s most famous and traditional beach offers sun bathers the option to lay out on the white sand, swim, play volleyball, or ride bikes along the boardwalk.
Barceloneta beach is 422 metres long and is one of the oldest and most traditional in the city. 
  • Sant Sebastià Beach: Just south of Barceloneta you can find this beachfront with views of the Olympic Port. A large coastline enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.
  • Llevant Beach: Just north of the Barceloneta Beach is perfect for dog owners as it is a pet friendly beach during the summer months. It is a newer beach which makes it relaxed and quiet, perfect for those wanting to stretch out and read a good book in peace.

We also recommend that you travel along the coast of Catalonia to find postcard ready beaches such as Sitges or the hidden beaches dotted along Costa Brava, a stretch of amazing beaches and coves North of Barcelona city.

Enjoy panoramic views of Barcelona

The Teleferic Barcelona allows people to discover Barcelona from the sky. This cable car is an excellent option to discover the charms of Barcelona from above.

The cable car starts at Parc de Montjuïc and goes directly to Castell de Montjuïc where you can hop off to see the amazing castle and gardens without having to climb up the hill. Then you can hop on to whizz over to the lookout, Mirador stop, where you can take in the breathtaking views of the city and its green areas. The cable car is an excellent option for people who yearn to see the skyline of Barcelona. Climb aboard and enjoy the experience!

Enjoy amazing panoramic views of Barcelona from the Montjuïc cable car.

Visit La Sagrada Familia, the iconic monument

Obviously, you can’t go to Barcelona without seeing La Sagrada Familia. Even though construction started in 1882, it is still not completely finished yet! People flock from all over the world to see the Sagrada Familia Barcelona as it is one of the emblems of the cosmopolitan city.

It’s also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. And it is easy to see why. This temple includes 18 towers, 5 naves, a transept, an apse, an exterior ambulatory, and 3 façades; making it the most complex and unique project embarked by Antoni Gaudí. This spectacular monument cobines elements of Art Nouveau, Catalan Modernism and Spanish Late Gothic design.

La Sagrada Família is inspired by mother nature and has been under construction since 1882.

Whether you are religious or not, it is not hard to marvel at its height, one of the tallest churches in the world, and extreme attention to detail. But the meticulousness of the design does not stop on the outside but continues to the inside of the church. Spectators are mesmerized with a delightful light show thanks to the stained-glass windows. The rays of light convert the church into a forest of rainbows making it a world of sensations.

Nevertheless, another important cathedral that is a must see is the Barcelona Cathedral. It is located right in the heart of the Gothic Centre. If you love gothic architecture, this church deserves a visit. This one is the quintessential gothic-style with its pointed arches, pinnacles, statues, and gothic altarpieces.

Where to stay in Barcelona

Barcelona is great because it is used to hosting plenty of tourists. So, there are many hotels in Barcelona that range in style and prices. You have a plethora to choose from. This is wonderful especially because Barcelona is notorious for its trendy neighborhoods.

In fact, this city is one of Europe’s trendiest cities. Barcelona is teeming with new trends in fashion, culture, and cuisine. In order to get a taste of the different neighborhoods you can always stay at any Barcelona hotel as there are many options throughout the city. But if hotels aren’t your thing, then don’t worry!

Youth hostels are the ideal option for accommodation on a budget, and Barcelona has plenty!

Barcelona offers many hostels to younger people feeling more adventurous or on a tight budget. You can find hostels all around the city and are a great way to meet like-minded travelers as these places host many social events. The environment is reminiscent of a college dorm as you sleep in bunk beds with communal bathrooms down the hall.

No matter where you decide to make your homebase for the duration of your vacation, just know that the city is very accessible. If you arrive at the Barcelona airport, bus terminal, or train station you can always take a bus or a subway to your destination. It is very easy and hassle free.

Looking for Cultural Activities to do in Barcelona?

As we’ve already mentioned, Barcelona is a city rich in culture, particularly in the arts. It should come as no surprise that Barcelona has some of Europe’s top museums. Here is a brief list of a few of the city’s museums and art galleries.

  • MNAC Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya: The National Art Museum of Catalonia contains a range of pieces from Romanesque, gothic, to Catalan Modernista collections. Plus, the building, a former castle, is breathtakingly beautiful with views of the city.
This museum is best known for its large collection of Romanesque and Gothic art, as well as Catalan art.
Casa Batlló is a building in the center of Barcelona.

Just take a walk to enjoy things to do and see in Barcelona! 

Indeed to continue with the Gaudí tour, we also highly recommend visiting Park Güell. This park incorporates Gaudí’s unique vision of the world with tiles, sculptures, and gardens. You can even hike up to the highest point of the park to see more views of Barcelona.

Park Güell is an ideal location to see and enjoy both.

Barcelona’s Las Ramblas is a tourist must-see. It is the most famous and visited boulevard in Barcelona. It connects Plaça de Catalunya with the old port making it a wonderful stretch of street that offers stunning views of the Barcelona architecture. This street is a great way to get a taste of Barcelona, quite literally as it has many bars and restaurants. Many musicians and street artists also gather here to entertain tourists.

La Rambla is a perfect place to explore, shop and appreciate the cosmopolitan vibe.

For the football fans you can go visit the Barcelona stadium which is home to FC Barcelona. This new stadium replaces the old ground of Les Corts in order to house more fans. Now, the stadium is known as Camp Nou (the new ground) because it is relatively new. You can come here to cheer on your favorite football team or to tour the stadium. The club is always welcoming with tours for everyone.

Foods and dishes you must try in the most cosmopolitan city

In recent years Barcelona has made a name for itself as the ideal destination for foodies looking to explore new foods as well as restaurants owned by world renowned chefs. There are many restaurants in Barcelona that range in style from classic traditional Catalan dishes and Mediterranean food to avant-garde delicacies. Here’s a list of some of the must try foods found in Barcelona:

  • Bread with tomato paste (in Catalonia Pan tumaca): Now this isn’t a new invention that is ground breaking since this is a common breakfast dish anywhere in Spain. But it is a classic for a reason and many Catalans enjoy this as a breakfast or even as a snack due to its simplicity.
Pan tumaca is perfect to eat as a tapa, for breakfast or even as a delicious snack.
This fuet with herbs in an explosion of flavors and sensations.
  • Calçots: Are a type of spring onion that is popular within Catalonia. It is harvested and enjoyed between the end of winter and spring as it tastes fresh.
 Calçots are a seasonal vegetable to enjoy with romesco sauce.
  • Catalan Cream: A very simple dessert made with egg yolk, sugar, wheat or corn flour, and milk flavored with cinnamon and lemon peel. A wonderful way to end a delicious meal.
The Catalan cream or also known as Crema Catalana is one of Spain’s most classic desserts!

Where to eat tapas in Barcelona?

Here we recommend two Barcelona restaurants that are tapas based, meaning you only get a small portion. This is a great way to sample many different dishes and foods.

  • La Tasqueta de Blai is a laid-back bar with a variety of mouth-watering tapas to try. The menu ranges from classics like Tortilla Espanola, croquettes of many flavors, and chorizo to squid, octopus, or prawns. The environment is very welcoming in a very hip neighborhood.
  • Cerveceria Catalana is another marvelous place to enjoy tapas in Barcelona. Centrally located with a vibrant bar serving traditional tapas. This establishment is ideal for a fancy date-night or a gathering with friends. But make sure to arrive early as the waiting list can get pretty long. But we promise it is worth the wait! The tapas here are delicious and the menu is robust. Allowing for everyone to try a little bit of everything that Barcelona has to offer.

Hopefully this gave you a little taste of Barcelona so come here for yourself and visit the amazing city!

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