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Welcome to Deliart!

We really appreciate you stopping by to learn more about our delicious artisanal foods from Spain. We write top stories about our experiences and lives while enjoying Mediterranean food, Spanish culture and our way of life.

Our name, Deliart, comes from combining the words delicious and artisanal. We did this because we consider our suppliers as artists. They may not design paintings or drawings in the traditional sense of the word, but they create food products that satisfy every taste bud. Our suppliers are artists of cuisine. They have the skill, knowledge, and craftsmanship to prepare delicious food. They pay attention to details in the hopes that every bite is savored by the consumer. Thanks to our suppliers we can share artisanal foods from Spain.

This blog is created by a team of passionate food lovers who want to share the flavors of our Spanish culture with the world. We want to bring Spanish foods to life for you, through new fresh flavors and the inspiring stories of how these beautiful foods came to be such a popular and important part of our diet and culture.

We are confident that this will help you appreciate Mediterranean food, and above all, enjoy this healthy food even more with your family and friends!

We are happy to answer any questions as we want you to enjoy these mouth watering treats as much as we do. Hopefully, you’ll taste the passion and love that has goes into everything we do, and of course, we hope you enjoy the taste of Spain!

Come along with us and take a dive in Deliart!

Thank you for your support.