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Welcome to Deliart Foods: Where Every Bite Tells a Story

We’re delighted that you’ve stopped by to learn more about us—the Deliart Foods team. We are your culinary experts in cheeses from Spain and Mediterranean Spanish flavors. At Deliart, each bite you take is not just a culinary delight; it’s a narrative steeped in culture, tradition, and artistry.

Our Philosophy: A Fusion of Delicious and Artisanal

Our brand name, Deliart, is a creative blend of the words ‘delicious’ and ‘artisanal.’ This name encapsulates our mission: to showcase the rich cultural heritage embedded in Spanish cuisine as a form of art. We believe that food is more than just sustenance; it’s an experience that tells a story.

Our Mission: To Elevate Spanish Cuisine to an Art Form

Our mission is to bring Spanish foods to life for you through fresh flavors and inspiring stories. We aim to elevate Spanish cuisine to an art form, enriching lives through a deeper understanding and appreciation of its cultural heritage.

Our Values: Authenticity, Quality, and Community

  • Authenticity: We are committed to providing genuine Spanish flavors, staying true to the traditions and techniques that make this cuisine unique.
  • Quality: From our articles to our recipes, we strive for excellence in everything we do, ensuring that you receive the best culinary experience possible.
  • Community: We believe in building a community of food lovers who share our passion for Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. We are here to answer your questions and engage in meaningful conversations about food.

What We Do: Bringing Spanish Foods to Life

We are committed to making Spanish foods come alive for you through fresh flavors and inspiring stories. Our content aims to educate and entertain, offering:

  • Engaging Articles: We write top stories about our experiences and lives, all while enjoying Mediterranean food and embracing Spanish culture.
  • Enticing Recipes: Our recipes focus on a wide array of Spanish cheeses, from the creamy texture of Manchego to the robust flavor of Cabrales.
  • Captivating Photographs: Our visuals offer a virtual tour of Spain’s iconic food landscape, transporting you straight to the heart of Spanish culinary artistry.

Meet the team

Chef Carlos Gumiel

Carlos Gumiel: Collaborative Chef

Hailing from the picturesque lands of Guadalajara in Alcarria, Spain, Chef Carlos Gumiel (Biosfera Restaurant, Guadalajara, Spain) has carved out an illustrious culinary journey that intertwines the love for local products, a rich family legacy, and world-class dining experiences. His gastronomic roots trace back to his family’s cherished patisserie in Pastrana (Spain), where the allure of flavors and the art of food crafting was instilled in him.

In further testament to Chef Carlos Gumiel’s ingenuity and commitment to his Spanish roots, he proudly collaborates with Deliart, weaving his culinary magic to create dishes that are both innovative and tantalizing. By utilizing Deliart’s artisanal products – from their exquisite cheeses to the rich textures of almonds, the sweet allure of quince paste, to the unique fig cake – Chef Carlos showcases the versatility and culinary applications of these Spanish delights. His creations with Deliart are not just meals; they are a symphony of flavors and tradition that reaffirm the belief that Spanish cuisine is truly an art form. It’s a delicious tapestry that harmoniously melds flavors, traditions, and an undying passion.

Honoring the foundation laid at the esteemed Hotel Escuela of Madrid, Carlos  took the culinary world by storm in the early 2000s. His professional saga unfurled across diverse culinary landscapes: from the tranquil shores of Menorca to the bustling streets of Madrid, Alicante, Cuenca, and international ventures in London, Thailand, and Australia. The kitchens of 1 and 2 Michelin-starred restaurants witnessed the maestro at work, blending traditional techniques with innovative flair.

2011 marked a pivotal moment as Carlos unveiled his inaugural venture – a quaint Gastrobar, which over seven years, became a beacon of culinary innovation. His brilliance did not go unnoticed. Accolades like the Madrid Fusion awards, a commendable finish at Spain’s National Pinchos Championship, the coveted Infantado de Oro, and numerous other honors adorned his trophy cabinet.

2018 saw the birth of the celebrated ‘Biosfera Restaurant’, a symbol of Carlo’s commitment to exceptional dining experiences. Expanding upon this success, 2022 witnessed the addition of the summer terrace nestled within the historic gardens of the Palacio de la Costilla in Guadalajara (Spain), blending history with contemporary gourmet offerings.


Biosfera Restaurant” stands as a distinguished ambassador for “Raiz Culinaria” cuisine. With its commitment to authenticity and excellence, diners are guaranteed a genuine taste of the rich flavors and traditions. Each dish is a testament to the culinary heritage and innovation that defines Chef Carlos Gumiel, making “Biosfera Restaurant” a must-visit for both aficionados and those looking to embark on a delectable journey.

Throughout this gastronomic voyage, a constant pillar of support and inspiration has been his wife, Monica Trujillo. A dynamic force herself, Monica’s involvement has been intrinsic to the realization and success of Chef Carlo’s dreams, making them an unparalleled culinary duo.

Today, with a recommendation from both Guia Repsol and the revered Guia Michelin, Chef Carlos Gumiel stands testament to a relentless pursuit of culinary excellence, with a heart deeply rooted in Spanish traditions.

Marissa Devlin: Cultural Content Specialist and Writer

Marissa Devlin: Cultural Content Specialist and Writer

Marissa is a recent graduate from the prestigious Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid, Spain. She brings a unique blend of academic and cultural expertise to the Deliart Foods team. With a master’s degree in International Development Cooperation and five years of living experience in Madrid, she offers invaluable insights into both the cultural nuances and socio-economic dynamics of Spanish and Latin American communities.

As an author of some of our most engaging articles, Marissa writes about the wonderfully delicious foods and dishes from Spain. She loves to share fabulous travel destinations within Spain and the mouth-watering foods you must try. We hope you enjoy the journey as we travel around Spain to find and share the best recipes and products for you to appreciate at home, wherever you are!

Her academic journey began at Lock Haven University, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies with a focus on Latin America Studies, and a second degree in Spanish, supplemented with a minor in Geography. This multifaceted educational background gives her a broad and nuanced understanding of the Latin American and Spanish cultural, economic, and political landscape. 

During her studies, she developed a passion for Spanish cuisine, a passion that flourished during her four-year residence in Madrid. Immersing herself in the local food scene, she explored everything from high-end culinary establishments to local food markets. This hands-on experience, combined with her academic knowledge, deepened her appreciation for the cultural significance of Spanish cuisine and its potential in the international food market. 

In her role at Deliart Foods, Marissa leverages her comprehensive understanding of international relations and Spanish and Latin American cultures. Her ability to analyze and interpret global trends and local preferences enables her to contribute significantly to our strategic planning and market positioning efforts. 

More than a team member, Marissa is a bridge connecting Deliart Foods with our Spanish and American markets. Her deep cultural understanding, coupled with her passion for Spanish cuisine, helps us forge strong relationships with our audience and deliver products that truly resonate with them. 

Ana Henry: Administrative Specialist

Ana Henry: Administrative Specialist

Ana serves as a vital member of the Deliart Foods team in Spain, specializing in administration and fostering customer relationships. Equipped with a degree in International Relations and enriched by an 11-year residency in France, she brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and cross-cultural understanding to the table. 

Her academic credentials in International Relations provided her with a strong foundation in global dynamics, communications, and negotiation skills, which are instrumental in her role. Coupled with her real-world experience in France, she has cultivated an understanding of diverse cultures, tastes, and consumer behaviors that has proven invaluable to the Deliart Foods team. 

Living in France not only deepened her appreciation for fine foods and world cuisine, but also offered her an opportunity to immerse herself in a culture known for its exacting customer service standards. This experience is evident in her exceptional ability to handle customer relations, where she consistently delivers service that combines professionalism with a personal touch. 

In her administrative role, Ana shines through her meticulous organizational skills and proficient handling of administrative tasks. She ensures smooth internal operations, which is crucial to maintaining the efficiency and productivity of our team. 

Balancing these roles, Ana exemplifies commitment and versatility. Her cross-cultural insights and personable approach to customer service make her an indispensable part of the Deliart Foods team, contributing significantly to our reputation as a company that values its customers and offers the finest Spanish foods.” 

Andrea Blanco: Social Media Strategist

Andrea Blanco: Social Media Strategist

Andrea is a dynamic member of the Deliart Foods team in Spain, leveraging a strong academic background in International Trade along with a deep passion for social media and travel. These distinctive elements of her profile synergize to create an invaluable asset to our operations. 

Armed with a degree in International Trade, she is well-versed in the global marketplace and understands the nuanced dynamics of international business transactions. This expertise guides our strategy in introducing Spanish culinary gems to markets worldwide, helping Deliart Foods to navigate complex international business landscapes. 

Her love for Instagram and social media isn’t merely a hobby, but a tool she uses strategically to connect Deliart Foods with a global audience. She curates our Instagram presence with engaging and enticing visual content that brings to life the essence of our offerings. Through well-crafted posts and stories, she allows our followers to embark on a virtual gastronomic journey, enhancing their connection with our brand. 

Travel is more than an interest for Andrea; it’s a source of inspiration and learning. Her travels have broadened her horizons, deepened her understanding of diverse cultures, and brought fresh perspectives to her role at Deliart Foods. Each destination she explores adds a new chapter to her growing knowledge of international food trends and consumer preferences, contributing to our market strategy. 

In every aspect of her role, Andrea combines her professional skills with her personal passions, creating a unique value proposition. Her keen understanding of International Trade, aptitude for social media, and worldly perspective ensure that Deliart Foods remains attuned to global trends and continues to engage effectively with our international clientele.” 

Eva Poudereux: Deliart Founder and Writer

Eva Poudereux: Founder and Writer

Eva, the founder of Deliart Foods, completed a 5-year university degree in Business Administration and Management in Madrid. Her unique professional journey took her from the corporate world of the Big Four accounting firms in Madrid to the dynamic realm of agri-food exports. This blend of experiences has been instrumental in her substantial contribution to the Deliart Foods venture.

In 2007, driven by her passion for Spanish culinary heritage and recognizing the international appetite for these exquisite products, Eva made a daring career switch. Leaving her role as an auditor, she turned her focus to exporting agri-food products. This bold move marked her entry into the food industry, leveraging her business acumen to bring Spanish flavors to the global market.

As an author of some of our most insightful articles, Eva uses her expertise to write about the intricacies of Spanish and Mediterranean foods, sharing her deep knowledge and passion with our community.

Then, in 2020, during the pandemic lockdown, she found a new avenue to share her love for Spanish gastronomy. She began contributing to Deliart Foods, a food blog dedicated to exploring and celebrating Mediterranean cuisine. Recognizing the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with food lovers worldwide, she embarked on a mission to share the remarkable stories behind Spain’s treasured food products. 

Her articles, infused with her extensive knowledge of the agri-food industry, tell compelling tales of Spain’s rich culinary traditions, from the artisanal production methods of Manchego cheese to the centuries-old secrets of cultivating the perfect olives for oil. Her expert insights illuminate the dedication and craftsmanship that characterize Spanish food production, offering readers a deeper appreciation of the products they savor. 

Today, she continues to contribute to Deliart Foods, ensuring the blog remains a valuable resource for those seeking to explore the stories behind Spanish cuisine. Her career path, marked by a blend of corporate expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrates her dedication to bringing Spanish food culture to the international forefront.