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Cabrales Cheese – Without Effort There is no Reward

Two hands holding deliart cabrales cheese

Enjoying a piece of Cabrales blue cheese can be one of the greatest pleasures there is. But to get that food on the table requires people to work hard, to get their boots dirty in the mud, and defy the future. Unique and valued foods that count for much more than what can be appreciated at first sight.    

What is Cabrales cheese?

Deliart Cabrales Cheese is an exceptional artisan cheese originating from the mountains of Asturias, Spain. This cheese is recommended for people who are not afraid to enjoy stronger cheeses. It definitely has an acquired taste, but the cheese is so unique that it is worth it. 

Where is the Deliart Cabrales Cheese made?

The secret is in the natural caves. Our Deliart cheese is produced in the quaint Asturian town of Sotres; tucked in between the mountains that make up the Picos de Europa which is a beautiful natural environment and a very high mountain range in Spain. This location is perfect because part of the cheese maturation process is done within the many caves of the mountains. Many people in this town have dedicated their life to the production of Cabrales cheese; just like our very own producer.

mountain range in Spain

What is Cabrales Cheese made of?

Producing spanish blue cheese Cabrales has been a tradition for more than 200 years in this town. The process starts by using raw whole cow’s milk from the family cattle. Then the cheese is matured in natural caves found in the mountain. The caves help to provide natural ventilation, maintain constant humidity, and keep the temperature consistent. The maturation process is slower, but it is worth it to achieve the perfect creaminess of the cheese. Our producer’s cheese-master discovered that caves located at 1,100 meters of altitude is an excellent place to mature the cheese. So, this is where she elaborates the cheese and takes great care of it to obtain a top-quality product.

cabrales cheese in storage

A distinct quality of Cabrales cheese is that it is not pressed tightly into the molds; so this allows for some gaps. This is so the penicillium fungus can enter the gaps to give the cheese the specific color palette of blues and greens that are dotted along the naturally ivory-white cheese paste.

Cabrales- a delicious bite despite the strong smell

Cabrales cheese has an intense and penetrating smell. Despite the strong initial aroma, it is pleasant and has some spicy notes to it. The taste is balanced but also intense. However, the intensity can vary based on the type of milk. The cheese also has a notable aftertaste that is persistent but can be easily paired with foods to balance out the taste.

two hands holding deliart cabrales cheese

What to eat with Cabrales cheese?

Traditionally, Cabrales cheese is enjoyed with a piece of bread accompanied by something sweet, like quince paste or fig cake, to play with the flavor along with a cider that is traditional to this region. It is also recommended to crumble the cheese in salads, to put on pizzas, pastas, French fries, meat, and desserts. This cheese can accompany many things, so it is all based on your preferences. For example, the cheese master loves to enjoy Cabrales cheese with a simple slice of bread so that she can savor the flavor more.

cabrales cheese next to a blackberry and dry plum

Meet our Deliart cheese-master: long hours of work to make a top-quality cheese

We had the pleasure to sit down and talk with the cheese-master to further discuss the special qualities of this unique cheese and her background. She started to make Cabrales cheese at the early age of 14 since she comes from a family of shepherds and cheesemakers. She then left the town to complete her studies. This is where she met her husband who also comes from a family of cheesemakers and shepherds. After living outside of their town, they decided to go back to continue with the family tradition of making this amazing cheese.

Enjoying the whole process of cheese making

This has been rewarding for her because she enjoys the whole process of cheese making from working in the production room to form the cheese to immersing herself inside the natural caves where she can appreciate the aroma of the cheese. Her hard work shows because she puts great care and work to make sure the cheese is top-quality. The work involves cleaning the molds and washing the cheese with the water that falls from the stalactites in the cave. It is a very pure filtered and natural water that the cheese makers even drink themselves! Every week the molds are brushed off and moistened with water in the same natural cave where they mature.

We enjoyed our visit to the Cabrales cheese maker.

Sense of recognition for long hours of work

She especially loves when people enjoy her product which gives her a sense of recognition for her long hours of work. She works with her husband and they both put the dedication and care to make their artisan cheese the best and giving it the value that it deserves. They believe that without effort there is no reward. So, they put all their love and care into producing delicious Cabrales cheese for people to enjoy!

If you love the thrill of trying new cheese, then you should check out our Deliart Cabrales cheese. We promise that you won’t be disappointed!

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