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Mahon Cheese – Amazing Flavor from the Balearic Islands

Mahón cheese

We would love to introduce our very own brand of Mahon cheese Deliart. This Spanish cheese has an intriguing history and deserves a spot on your next cheese platter.

What is Mahon Cheese?

This delectable cheese is from Menorca (Spain); one of the beautiful islands that make up the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.  

The Mahon cheese is named after a port in Menorca and is exclusively made on this island. It began with farmers making cheese from their cows’ milk to sell in the local markets. The production techniques have been passed down from generation to generation to guarantee the protection of tradition and customs. This is important because its preparation responds to ancestral traditions that adds to the rich history of the island. Variations of Mahón cheese have been around when the Greeks and Carthaginians invaded Spain. It even has a mention in Arab writings from the year 1000 referencing the importance of the cheese. Needless to say, Mahon cheese has been around for a long time and continues to be enjoyed by many.  

Meet our producer

Family owned business keeping the traditional practices

We have selected a family-owned authentic cheese making company to partner with to make our delicious Deliart Mahon cheese. The business started in the 1940s with a small grocery store that bought cheese directly from the farmers. This small trade continued for a while until the 80s when the owner’s son decided to create a factory with milk from several farms. This is because the son wished to offer the clients a quality and uniform cheese; something that was hard to do with many different farmers making the same artisan cheese in different ways.

The cheese factory would have more control to guarantee quality and follow food safety guidelines while still using local cow’s milk. Now, the third generation is leading the company. They continue to maintain the traditional practices but also adapt the process to new markets and formats.

cows on a field
Deliart Mahon cheese is made with pasteurized or unpasteurized cow’s milk from the dairy cows of Menorca in the Balearic Islands.

The authentic and amazing flavor

We have a friendly relationship with the owner of the cheese company and have gained more insight into the company. We like to share one of our chats with our friends to show you the authenticity of this Mahon cheese. The family is still very passionate about providing quality artisanal cheese and enjoy making connections with their customers, suppliers, and factory personnel.

They strive to maintain the typical characteristics of Mahon Menorca cheese with all the sanitary and food safety guarantees. If they had to pick their favorite cheese, they would have to say the cured Mahon reserva cheese, but it is hard to pick just one! The family loves to enjoy the cheese with bread or fruits such as grapes, figs, or dates. But they also suggest incorporating the Mahon cheese in salads or on grilled meats.  

How Deliart Mahon cheese is made?

Mahon cheese is made with pasteurized or unpasteurized cow’s milk from the dairy cows of Menorca. It is curdled at a low temperature, salted by immersion, and cured according to the customs of the island. The entire elaboration of the Mahon cheese is based on ancient techniques that were passed down from generations.

This provides a seal of authenticity to the cheese as well as keeping the original flavor. After the milk is curdled, the cheese is placed into a brine then removed to dry out in cheese caves to age. Once the cheese is matured, a blend of oil, butter, and Spanish paprika is rubbed onto the cheese to give it a reddish orange rind. Typically, Mahon cheese is crumbly and dense, however, there are a couple variations due to the different stages of the aging process. 

How does our Deliart Mahon cheese taste like?

Our Deliart Mahon cheese is considered artisanal and semi cured because it is made with raw cow’s milk and aged for 2 to 3 months. It is a mild cheese with buttery and nutty notes which make it superior in flavor compared to the aged cheese version. This is a younger cheese, so the paste color is lighter, like a yellowish ivory. The texture is close and dense with occasional holes throughout the paste. The rind is an orange or brown color.

deliart cow's milk cheese
Deliart Mahon cheese is made in Menorca (Spain), the heart of the Mediterranen Sea

How to pair the Deliart Mahon cheese?

Our Deliart Mahon cheese is versatile and has an amazing flavor. You can add it to many cooked dishes (you can add it in recipes like salads, pasta, pizza, hamburgers…) or slice it thin and drizzel with extra virgin olive oil to eat as a tapa.

You can also pair this amazing cheese with olives, dried fruits, and Marcona almonds. Additionally, you can use it for desserts too since it has a mixed flavor of sweet and savory. For drinks, it combines nicely with beer, sherry, and red wines like Spanish tempranillo or Rioja.

two types of cheese next to some blackberries
Deliart Mahon cheese is ideal for snacks, on tapas. Accompanied by fig cake.

We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do. If you are a real cheese lover, you will definitely like our posts about:

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