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The Amazing Spanish Olives – A Healthy Snack for Every Occasion

Spanish olives

The Mediterranean climate is famous for its ability to produce delectable olives. Over the many years of cultivation, Spanish olives quickly became an essential staple in the Spanish diet. There are many varieties for every occasion. It is very typical to savor olives on their own or paired with other foods.

There are many olives for every occasion.

How are olives made

Olives became popular in Andalucía like many typical Spanish products. The dry climate is perfect for farming olives which became a form of livelihood for the peasants in the early centuries. The olives typically develop between the months of June and October. They are hand-picked to ensure that the fruit is not harmed. The color of the olive shows its maturity and when it was picked. Did you know the only difference between a black olive and a green olive is the time it was hand-picked? Black olives are more mature and therefore go from green, the early stage, to black.     

If you so happen to discover an olive tree don’t pick and eat the olive from the branch! You’ll be shockingly surprised by its naturally bitter and unpleasant taste. The olives we know, and love, go through a thorough cleaning and preservation process. The best method uses brine flavored with various ingredients depending on the desired taste. The most typical are herbs, lemon, garlic, and onion. This serves as two purposes: the olives gain more flavors and they can be preserved for longer periods of time. 

How olives are eaten

Spanish olives are so versatile that they can be eaten with pretty much anything! The Mediterranean diet incorporates olives in many dishes. In Spain, we enjoy eating olives as a tapa, but they can also be placed in salads, pizzas, and rice dishes. Or they can be paired with meats, cheeses, and fish. Different types of olives can pair really well with different foods. For example, it is common to see black olives with pizzas or pastas. While green olives pair well with salads or sandwiches.

We also love to cook with extra virgin olive oil. Many of our dishes are prepared with olive oil as the main cooking ingredient. We enjoy drizzling the oil on toasts for breakfast or on top of Spanish tortilla. As you can see, we incorporate the many forms of olives into everything. This is because olives have many health benefits.

Why olives are good for you

Olives are praised for their multitude of benefits that range from the skin to our health.

Olives, especially the black variety, have a high iron content that is good for people with anemia. They are rich in unsaturated fats that can help prevent heart and circulatory system diseases. In addition, they help to regulate cholesterol levels. They also contain vitamins A, C and E. Lastly, they contain a lot of fiber to help regulate the intestine.

As you can see, these little fruits are jam packed with healthy benefits. They are a preferred healthy snack for many people.

Deliart olives

If you are an olive lover like we are then you’re in luck because we have our own gourmet line of selected olives. They range from the classical cocktail olives to spicy gordal. The latter being our favorite!

Deliart Gordal Spicy Olives. Reminiscent of Spanish Sunshine

Juicy, spicy, but not too much, delicious, and they disappear so rapidly when offered at a party.

Deliart Gordal Spicy Olives are firm and plump olives with a large size. They are considered meaty with a mild flavor. What makes the Deliart Gordal Spicy Olives so special is their fleshy and crunchy texture. They also have been specifically selected from special harvests.

Their preparation includes all traditional ingredients.  Such as the use of peppers. Their heat  is gentle but builds into a fiery finish that is long lasting. They are considered a delicious and easy to eat olive.

If you love the thrill of trying new flavors, then you should check out our Deliart Gordal Spicy Olives. We promise that you won’t be disappointed!

The gordal olive is characterized by its large, fleshy, and shiny nature. We’ve paired this type of pitted olive with natural spices and aromatic plants. It has a very pleasant flavor with a little extra spice. It is an ideal olive for tapas accompanied by wine or sangria.

olives on the white plate

Deliart Manzanilla Olives. The queen of green table olives

These straw-colored gems are firm, plump and meaty. They have a crisp and nutty flavor with just the right amount of salt. The hues range from light, straw green to yellow green. They have an excellent flavor that will not disappoint!

The Deliart Manzanilla Olives are handpicked in Andalusia. They are naturally fermented and cured in a Sevillian style. The name manzanilla, mean “little apple” in Spanish which is fitting for the shape of the olive.

This classic olive is a medium sized green olive with the pit. It is shiny and has an anchovy flavor. We love to eat this on its own or in salads.

olives on the white plate

We also have many other varieties of olives for any occasion or taste bud! It’s hard to choose because, for example, we have olives with a barbecue flavor, Mediterranean flavor that include the peels of oranges, split olives with grandmother’s homemade dressing, pitted gordal olives stuffed with almonds, or pickled olives with onions and gherkins.

We recommend that you try them all in order to truly appreciate olives!

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