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Fig Cake

Discover the rustic charm of traditional Spanish Deliart Fig Cake, known affectionately as “Pan de Higo.” This delightful confection, with roots stretching back to ancient times, is crafted from dried figs that are finely ground and lovingly blended with almonds, anise seeds, and a whisper of cinnamon or other aromatic spices. Each bite of this chewy, rich cake bursts with the natural sweetness of figs, highlighted by the satisfying crunch of nuts.
Perfectly paired with a slice of sharp Manchego cheese or enjoyed as a luscious treat alongside your favorite coffee or tea, this fig cake embodies the essence of Spanish culinary tradition. Particularly popular during the festive season, it offers a profound depth of flavor and a comforting, wholesome indulgence without the need for added sugars. Embrace the timeless pleasure of Spanish Deliart Fig Cake and savor a piece of history with every decadent bite.

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Dried frigs 89%, Almonds 10%, Cinnamon, Anise


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Item UPC: 8436540060532
Made in: Spain
Storage: Shelf-stable
Product Packaging Type: Plastic bag and paper.
Net Weight: 200 g.

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