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Idiazabal Cheese

Indulge in the rich heritage of Deliart Idiazabal Smoked Cheese, a distinguished variant from the picturesque Basque and Navarre regions of Spain. Crafted from the pure, unpasteurized milk of Latxa and Carranzana sheep, this cheese is a masterpiece of flavor and tradition. The unique smoking process over beechwood, hawthorn, or cherry wood infuses the cheese with a subtle, yet impactful smoky flavor that perfectly complements its creamy, buttery essence. With a firm and slightly elastic texture, its rind takes on a captivating darker hue through the smoking process, while the interior boasts a delicate ivory to pale yellow shade. The flavor is deep and complex, rich with undertones of nuttiness and a hint of earthy depths, making it a cheese that resonates with the soul. Aged for at least two months, Idiazabal Smoked Cheese is a culinary treasure, celebrated for its unique taste. It is perfect when thinly sliced on a cheese platter, gracefully grated over your favorite dishes, or savored purely on its own. Experience the true flavor of Spain with every bite of Idiazabal Smoked Cheese—a cheese not just eaten, but experienced.

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Raw Latxa sheep´s milk, Salt, animal rennet, Cheese cultures, and preservative, lysozyme from eggs

Milk and Lisozme

International Featured Standards (IFS) – IFS Management GmbH
Protected Designation of Origin – European Commission
Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification – WEConnect International

Item UPC: 8436540060563
Made in: Spain
Storage: Shelf-stable
Product Packaging Type: Vacuum packed
Net Weight: Wheel approximately 3 kg and Wedges 250 g.

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