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Mahon Cured Cheese

Experience the rich depths of Deliart Mahon Cured, the distinguished elder of the Mahon cheese family from the serene island of Menorca. Aged meticulously for five months to over a year, this mature cheese evolves into a firm, crumbly delight that boasts intensified flavors and a robust texture. Each piece carries the legacy of Menorcan tradition, with a rind that darkens over time, an orange hue kissed by paprika, reflecting its artisanal heritage.
As you savor Deliart Mahon Cured, discover its dry, crumbly interior that bursts with a pronounced sharpness and a deeper, nuttier essence than its younger sibling, Mahon Semi-Cured. The lingering spicy and salty finish transports your senses under the Mediterranean sun, offering a bold, unforgettable taste experience. Perfect for grating over your favorite dishes or as a centerpiece on a lavish cheese board, Mahon Cured invites you to indulge in a slice of Menorca’s finest, turning every meal into a celebration of flavor and tradition.

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Raw cow’s milk, rennet, salt, Lactic ferments E-509,Calcium Chloride E-252, Potassium nitrate
and oil on the rind. Inedible rind

Milk & milk derivatives including lactose

International Featured Standards (IFS) – IFS Management GmbH
Protected Designation of Origin – European Commission
Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification – WEConnect International

Item UPC: 8428624000305
Made in: Spain
Storage: Shelf-stable
Product Packaging Type: Vacuum packed
Net Weight: Wheel approximately 3 kg and Wedges 250 g.

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