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Marcona Almonds

Indulge in the exquisite taste of Deliart Marcona almonds, Spain’s gourmet treasure, celebrated for their rich, sweet flavor and irresistibly buttery texture. Unlike their common counterparts, Deliart Marcona almonds are delightfully rounder, softer, and more delicate, offering a truly unique nutty experience. Fried in oil to accentuate their natural nuttiness and lightly salted to enhance their flavor, these almonds are not just a snack but a culinary revelation.
Savor them as a luxurious tapa that pairs perfectly with fine wines and cheeses, or elevate your salads and dishes with their distinctive taste and texture. Deliart Marcona almonds provide a savory, addictive treat that stands out from the crowd, making them a must-try for connoisseurs and gourmets alike. Treat yourself to the lush, flavorful experience of Deliart Marcona almonds and transform any moment into an occasion worth celebrating.

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Fried Marcona ALMONDS (Marcona ALMONDS, sunflower oil) 96%, Olive Oil, Salt 2%.

Nuts: Almonds

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Item UPC: 8436540060402 (8 onz) / 8436540060396 (5 kg)
Made in: Spain
Storage: Shelf-stable
Product Packaging Type: Plastic bag of 8 onz / Plactic bucket of 5 kg

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