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Cabrales Cheese

Indulge in the distinctive allure of Deliart Cabrales cheese, a celebrated blue cheese from Spain’s rugged Asturias region. Crafted from a blend of raw cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milk, Cabrales is aged in ancient limestone caves, embracing the cool, humid air to develop its iconic blue veins. This process enriches the cheese with an intensely sharp flavor and a creamy texture, highlighted by a tangy, slightly spicy finish.
Embrace the thin, natural rind, a testament to its authentic cave-aged character. Ideal for finishing any meal, Deliart Cabrales cheese pairs exquisitely with fruits, nuts, or honey, adding a bold touch to your cheese platters. Experience the profound depths of flavor that Deliart Cabrales cheese offers, a true treasure of gourmet delight.

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Raw milk (cow), Rennet, Salt


HACCP – International Certification Group
Protected Designation of Origin – European Commission
Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification – WEConnect International

Item UPC: 8436027920816
Made in: Spain
Storage: Shelf-stable
Product Packaging Type: Vacuum packed
Net Weight: Wheel approximately 3 kg and Wedges 250 g.

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