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Excellent Marcona Almonds – The Best Taste of Spain

The excellent Marcona almonds

Where Do Marcona Almonds come from?

If you want to taste the salty Mediterranean in one crunchy bite; a heart healthy snack of Marcona Almonds will transport you to a quaint little tapas bar in Southern Spain. Marcona Almond trees were brought from the Mediterranean up into Northern Africa and Southern Europe many centuries ago. This species of Almond became a regular part of a Mediterranean Diet. This is because of its high concentration of nutrients (they are a delicious source of healthy fats and vegetable protein). The dry soil of Spain and Mediterranean sun give this almond it’s sweet and smooth flavor.

The Arabic culture brought to Spain in the 1st century blended to create a beautiful mix of traditions and cultures. In the same way, the combination of the natural sweetness of Marcona Almonds; cooked in traditional Spanish Olive Oil and then sprinkled with salt creates an irresistible and balanced bite.  This relationship between the sweet and the salty is one of the unique reasons this healthy snack continues to satiate the Mediterranean region.

How to Pair Marcona Almonds?

These almonds come in many different flavors, like Rosemary, Black Truffle and Paprika Sweet and Spicy. Each flavor highlights different aromas and tastes of Spanish cuisine. It is crafted to also bring out the almond’s naturally sweet and mild flavors.

We also suggest pairing these mouthwatering nuts with sweets, such as chocolate or fruit, as well as salty cheeses, salads, cured meats or wine. Play around with each flavor and pairing and find your perfect Spanish creation or enjoy them simply for the crunchy treat that they are.

Deliart Marcona Almonds
Deliart Marcona Almonds

Marcona Almonds are a healthy snack full of nutrients and the flavors of the Mediterranean.  They are delightfully crunchy and have an awesome flavor!

Marcona almonds, a celebration of the Mediterranean taste

Almond growing has been a Spanish tradition for hundreds of years. This variety of Marcona Almonds from the Mediterranean has a sweet, bold and nutty flavor that celebrates when fried in traditional Spanish olive oil and lightly salted. For me, eating these almonds brings back wonderful memories of a visual and sensory feast of almond tree blossoms, crisp and sweet winter air, and time spent taking it all in with my family.

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